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Giới thiệu StudioARS

Urbano đã và đang phát triển từ hơn 20 năm nay. Những thời gian thời gian chúng đã được dùng để giữ lại với phiên bản technology mới và meeting các người dùng cần thiết một thành viên thành viên của International người dùng. All our software products may be further extended with a số của các phần khác thêm. Tập tin này được xóa Nếu được hỗ trợ của việc làm việc xác thực xác thực, hiện thời được cung cấp chương trình trong nhiều hơn các ngôn ngữ 10 ngôn ngữ hơn hơn 20 countries worldwide. Urbano được tạo để tạo một nhất có thể kết thúc người dùng experience.

StudioARS là một công ty tư nhân được thành lập vào năm 1990. Trụ sở chính của chúng tôi ở Matulji, Croatia, Châu Âu. Ngay từ khi bắt đầu, mục tiêu chính của chúng tôi là triển khai các công nghệ CAD trong các lĩnh vực kỹ thuật dân dụng và các lĩnh vực kỹ thuật liên quan. Hoạt động của chúng tôi dựa trên công nghệ Autodesk và chúng tôi là một trong những đối tác tốt nhất trong khu vực. Cốt lõi của StudioARS bao gồm một đội ngũ phát triển mạnh mẽ. Chúng tôi phát triển các giải pháp hiện đại, thiết thực và linh hoạt cho công việc hàng ngày. Sản phẩm chính của chúng tôi là phần mềm thiết kế cơ sở hạ tầng Urbano.

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Giới thiệu về Urbano

The centerpiece of the software is its unique design core that handles the data model. It is fully dynamic which supports a smooth design process and results in fewer mistakes. It is both robust and fast which enables you to design huge projects with hundreds of kilometers of pipes and thousands of nodes. Furthermore, you can review, query and annotate all data in a matter of seconds or draw more than 1000 long sections in about 30 seconds while using an average PC. Exchanging project data between users is very simple as all data is stored directly inside the DWG file.

Urbano represents a real „bridge between design and GIS" and includes many standard GIS functions, such as data import and export functions to/from various data sources (e.g. databases, SHP and MapInfo files, XML, TXT etc.). You can also create queries and thematic maps or add any kind of custom, user-defined data to the project. Urbano treats all data as equal, irrespective of its source – you can mix designed, calculated and user-defined data to customize any table view, long profile, thematic map etc.

Urbano is based on AutoCAD and is most commonly used with AutoCAD Civil 3D and AutoCAD Map 3D. It supports all Microsoft Windows compatible versions of AutoCAD 2010 or newer in both 32 bit and 64 bit environments.

Urbano consists of several modules that are combined into packages adapted to the everyday needs of civil engineers. All modules share the same look and feel and are easy to learn and master.

Designers regularly need to work on different network types. The common functions of Urbano include procedures and workflows equally used in the design of sewage, water and other pipe networks. Such an approach decreases the learning curve and therefore accelerates the use of all modules.

Urbano features a unique user interface based on the side-docking "Workspace” panel. This straightforward approach includes no additional menus, toolbars or palettes, which reduces screen clutter and improves the overall user experience. The workspace panel arranges program commands and configurations in a standard tree view. Configurations represent customized versions of basic program functions and data (e.g. "Long section Sewage 500/100”). They can be easily created for almost any function and saved for use in other projects. Once a specific configuration set is created, it is possible to save it as a system template (e.g. "Sewage”). Executing program commands often opens additional "modeless” windows with specialized settings and functions. You can have several windows open at the same time which greatly simplifies and speeds up the design process (e.g. editing in layout and refreshing a thematic map, reviewing calculation data in a table view while creating a query etc.).

Pipe network design is frequently based on predefined elements, i.e. pipes, manholes, fittings, trenches and so on. In Urbano, all these elements are stored in catalogs which share the same user interface, so it is very easy to add or edit an element or group.

Configurations, templates and catalogs can be shared through local networks or the Internet by using the network repository system.

Projects made with Urbano automatically include all used configurations and catalog elements directly in the DWG file. This means that work on the project can be resumed on any PC and by any user.

Tính năng chi tiết

Network design in layout view. Interactive or by conversion from AutoCAD elements. A network is based on an intelligent topology system and consists of nodes, sections, branches, arrays and systems. Basic network elements (nodes and sections) are made of plain AutoCAD elements (blocks and lines or arcs).

Network editing. This function includes a variety of options for changing nodes and sections, such as erasing, inserting, replacing, renaming, changing type and so on. Thanks to the dynamic model, all changes are simultaneously updated in all other design parts.

Setting terrain elevations. Support for Civil 3D, Terraform and 3D face DTM. In case a DTM does not exist, terrain elevations in nodes can be determined by alternative methods such as direct input, linear interpolation, import from an external source (e.g. database) etc.

Data selection and input. Different data selection methods make operations easy and efficient. You can input all data necessary for the design for each network element individually or for several network elements at once (e.g. you can change a group of pipes with a certain diameter to a different pipe diameter all at once).

• Table views. You can view defined and calculated data in tables. You can sort tables according to any column, zoom in to the layout, display a recapitulation, copy and paste to any Windows program or draw the data as a standard AutoCAD table. Furthermore, it is possible to define an arbitrary number of table views which fit well to any design phase (e.g. geometry, flow calculation, hydraulic calcul.

• Labeling. Nodes and sections can be labeled with any type of label, which can include any type of data. You can also annotate nodes, sections or channels. Station labeling is available for an arbitrary sequence of network nodes. Moreover, station labeling is dynamic, i.e. any node edit, such as erase, insert or reposition will automatically update all relevant station labels. Labels can be edited interactively by using scale, move or rotation.

• Automatic label repositioning. In case of overlapping labels, you can use an automatic repositioning procedure. The automated iterative process will find the best position for node, section, station and array labels.  Querying. You can build simple or complex queries including both attribute and spatial conditions. Using queries enables you to quickly identify elements that satisfy the given conditions.

• Styles and thematic maps. You can apply any style to network elements (e.g. colors, thickness etc.). Any data can serve as the basis for thematic maps which show defined or calculated data for the selected network elements. For example, after you have completed a hydraulic calculation, you can group and display in selected colors all pipes with the flow velocity in a certain range (e.g. 0-0.5 m/s, 0.5-1.0 m/s, 1.0-1.5 m/s etc.).  Long sections. You can draw long sections for any sequence of network elements (e.g. sections, branches, from node to node etc.). By combining more than 1500 variables the program enables you to create virtually any kind of long section including any scale, data table and graphical content. Long sections and layout are dynamically connected so any change in layout or longitudinal section produces an instant update. Long sections represent more than just a data view – you can do a lot of design and editing directly in the long section, e.g., you can insert, erase and move nodes, or intelligently define and edit the pipe invert. You can use an automated printing procedure to easily prepare long sections in case they are very long or have a big height difference.

• Quantity takeoff calculation. Based on defined trench and soil layers you can instantly calculate all quantities that are important for the design. The takeoff calculation takes pipes and manholes into account. It is also possible to draw trench cross sections and trench borders in layout.

• Intersection analysis. Very often different infrastructures intersect with each other. This is why you can do a quick analysis of all intersections and an identification of clashes and intersections that occur on less distance then permitted. This analysis includes Urbano systems as well as standard AutoCAD 2D and 3D elements.

Các sản phẩm của StudioARS

Urbano Visio hoạt động trên AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015-2018


Urbano Visio 365 SLR

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Urbano Visio 90 SLR 3-pack

3-Pack, 3-Month Term



Urbano Visio 90 VLR 20-pack

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Chính sách cấp phép

SLR- single licence rental

VLR- volume licence rental

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