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Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is at the center of a powerful technology and business revolution. PACISOFT has an established and experienced team that understands the technologies that power IoT transformation.



Data Center Solutions

Cloud, big data, mobile apps, and other emerging trends challenge data center agility. PACISOFT solution architects are an authority on how to respond with innovative, flexible solutions.

  • - Servers 
  • - Network Infrastructure
  • - Converged Infrastructure
  • - Software Defined Networking
  • - Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
  • - Security
  • - Virtualization
  • - Power & Cooling
  • - Storage & Data Protection

From blending existing infrastructures and cloud solutions to leveraging real-time purchasing, PACISOFT provides the expert guidance and a Cloud Marketplace that makes cloud adoption simple.

Software Solutions

There is a reliable, time-tested resource for software lifecycle management. PACISOFT simplifies the job of software selection, licensing, management, and everything that happens in between.

UC & Collaboration

When there is effective communication and collaboration, the business always wins. PACISOFT matches advanced technologies to how people work by converging office, mobile, social, and virtual communications.


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