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ZWCAD Mechanical

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Unify team collaboration with international and customizable drawing standards

ZWCAD Mechanical supports ISO, ANSI, DIN, JIS, and GB drafting environments, enabling designers to maintain a common form of communication.

The Standards Synchronous Tool ensures teams on a local area network (LAN) are using uniform and up-to-date standards.

Ease your mechanical dimensioning with power and multiple dimensions
Power Dimension makes dimensioning easier with abbreviated dialog boxes that control and expand the variables relevant to manufacturing, as well as integrate tolerance and fit list information.

With Multiple Dimension, designers can create multiple dimensions with minimal input, resulting in instant groups of ordinate, parallel, or symmetric items that are appropriately spaced.

Design quickly with mechanical symbols

Mechanical symbols help you save time and increase design accuracy, including surface texture symbols, datum identifiers and targets, taper, center hole, weld symbols and more.

Accelerate drafting with the comprehensive Part Library and Part Builder.

The Part Library contains screws, nuts, washers, pins, rivets, springs, bearings and more. It saves designers hours by allowing them to take parts from these libraries, rather than designing them from scratch. You can also customize your own part library with the powerful Part Builder in order to meet your own specific design needs.

Create Section Lines, Direction Symbols, and Detail Views quickly.

You can create Section Lines, Direction Symbols and Detail Views using the wizard, which only taking a few clicks. Detail Views are updatable when a change is made to the geometry.

Parametrically generate Shafts and Gears.

Designers are able to create Shafts and Gears by inputting the geometric parameters, which greatly accelerates the whole design process.

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